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Build a Positive Outlook with Non-Traditional Resolutions

Ready for some resolutions?

(Or are you still reeling from roadblocks that wrecked 2020’s good intentions?)

Don’t get discouraged! We all hit speed bumps from time to time. And honestly, that’s ok. That’s real life.

Even if 2020 derailed your best-laid plans, it’s important to look ahead with hope. You only have one life to live, and time slips away faster each year. Having goals is essential to living intentionally, and this is even more crucial when routines are disrupted, and life gets messy.

So why not give that drawing board another go?

Exchanging Materialism for Practicality

2021 is definitely not business as usual.

Seven in 10 Americans say they are tossing their materialistic goals for resolutions that focus more on life skills or practical habits.

A recent survey found that 62 percent of people plan to save money for the future, and 50 percent want to learn a new skill. The survey also revealed 68 percent wanted to focus more on experiences, like spending more time with their family and traveling more. Nearly 6 in 10 respondents also said their 2021 resolution is to have a more positive outlook on life.

But the road to destruction is paved with good intentions. And a resolution without a plan is just wishful thinking! So, as you vision and dream for the next 365 days, it’s important to attach questions like these to your ideas:

--Who does my goal involve?

--What am I trying to accomplish (and why)?

--What deadline or mini-milestones can I employ, and how will these be part of my calendar and weekly routines?

--Who will help hold me accountable? Who can I partner with to make this dream a reality?

As you put pen to the page, brainstorm ways you would like to see progress in areas like:

  • Career and Business

  • Family and Relationships

  • Finances

  • Health and Fitness

  • Spiritual Well-being

  • Educational or Recreational

  • Travel and Adventure

Get Specific

Goals that are measurable, timebound, and targeted are the most motivating, so build specifics into your ideas to transform possibilities into REALITY. Here are a few examples to get you started:

--Stretch my capabilities through joining a professional network

--Deposit $500 a month into my child’s college savings account

--Follow up with six leads per month and book four new subscribers per quarter

--Book a summer vacation with my brother by February 1

--Volunteer once a month at the Emergency Food Pantry

--Subscribe to a local food co-op to include more healthy sides in our diet

--Sign up for a 5K in March and a 10K in October

--Sign up to speak at our entrepreneurs’ network by June 1

--Write in a gratitude journal every Sunday

Know Your “Why”

Finally, if you want to remain motivated as you work towards your goals, it’s essential to think about the “why.”

Why do you want to achieve that goal?

Self-growth experts explain that having a concrete reason for working on a specific goal allows you to remain motivated despite challenges and setbacks.

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