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Use Themed Booklets as a Strategic Marketing Asset

When is the last time you enjoyed a good book? What about a good booklet?

Booklets are everywhere – from the magazine rack at the grocery store to the playbill at your local theater. They are typically smaller than a book (between four and 48 pages), and they are an extremely versatile print product thanks to their size, format, and ease of use.

From mini brochures to media kits, booklets might be a great option for you. Here are some creative ideas to share your message through booklets.

Look Books and Product Catalogs

Today’s consumers crave an experience, so catalogs and look books are a surefire way to reach customers directly and get them excited about your brand.

Gone are the days of dull directories! Today’s designers use the catalog format to feature artistic typography, zingy color, and striking photography. Whether your niche is food, fashion, or custom car parts, fun and fresh catalogs help viewers feel they are experiencing your product in person.

Square Brochures

Is it a brochure . . . a booklet . . . or both?

Booklets can come in all different shapes and sizes, and one trendy option is a square booklet. The compact shape offers a style as savvy as your business, from photography or art showcases to new product launches and tradeshow handouts.

Calendars or Planners

Calendars or handheld planners are practical for everyone, offering branded staying power while conveying your business goals in a way that’s customized to the interests of your audience.

And you can double your impact by combining deliberate calendar planning with irresistible product promotions. Every business has crazy seasons and slow seasons, and planning ahead can provide a strategic opportunity to offset these challenges. Do you traditionally see a slump or spike in your business during key months? Call these out in your calendar by placing special promotions in the calendar, or prepping team members with personalized perks or reminders within your calendar design.

Whether it’s the biggest sales day for local bakeries or the period when your shipping company frequently misses delivery guarantees, highlighting seasonal trends can set you up for success.


Businesses that are into creative work (like architecture, custom designs, or photography) often create portfolio books to showcase their best work.

Whether you provide personal care services or interior design consulting, a well-designed portfolio helps your prospects to get a fair idea of the type (and price range) of services you can offer.

Instruction Manuals

These booklets are also called owner’s manuals.

They contain important information regarding a particular product. Instruction manuals provide step-by-step instructions on how to assemble or install the product. They also contain warranty and guarantee details.

Reference Guides or Reports

Reference guides are like instruction manuals. However, they are usually brief and contain essential details about a product such as do’s and don’ts, features, benefits, and more.

Reports professionally document your company’s progress, financial growth, and mission in an accessible booklet for your shareholders. Data can be boring, so when you display your finances and various charts and graphics, make it pretty or clever (like these infographics, for example). Booklets are an excellent tool for presenting easy-to-read data visualizations!

Find the Best Product for Your Bottom Line

In times of fierce competition, booklets can go a long way toward elevating your message.

But, beyond design, they must be user friendly and durable. Want to turn heads and get the best product for your budget? When you’re ready to visit about paper stocks, binding, or other booklet questions, we’re here to help!

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